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While the airplane was revolutionizing how we live our lives, it was also evoking all kinds of grief from the same pessimists who resisted the bicycle and the horseless carriage.

Now, The “Aeroplane Face”

American Examiner  | 1905

“Squinting Eyes, Overgrown Nose and Head Bulging Between the Ears”

Everybody remembers the “bicycle face” which appeared and disappeared with the two-wheeled craze. After this came another, the “automobile face.” The aeroplane physiognomy differs from both the older ones in all particulars but one. The tremendous nervous strain which distorted the bicyclist’s features and that of the motor maniac is even more prominent in the human birds.


Aeroplanes only a Fad

Coshocton Daily Times  | November 22nd, 1909

The future of aerial navigation lies in the dirigibles rather than in the aeroplane, said professor J. C. McDermott of the college of mechanical engineering at Cornell. He said that the aeroplane would hardly be anything else but a fad, but that it would be only a question of a few years before dirigibles would be crossing the Atlantic.


No Chance for the Aeroplane

The Daily Deadwood Pioneer-Times | October 17th, 1909

The possible popularity of the aeroplane is doomed. It can never have the support of the feminine sex and that alone is all that is needed to relegate it to an inescapable and dingy obscurity. Neither the bicycle nor the automobile attained any great success until they had become fads with women, and so the aeroplane must make a hit with the women before it can hope to be in such a financial condition that it won’t have to beat its check to the bank.


The Aeroplane Face

The New York Times | August 30th, 1908

T  he phrenologist finds that all his subjects have the uncertain glance which denotes a vain search for physical balance.


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